1. Does it hurt?

SofTap® is the gentlest method you will find for implanting permanent color into the skin. A topical anesthetic is used to keep you comfortable at all times. The sensation is said to be similar to tweezing for the eyebrows.  For the eyeliner, you simply relax with your eyes gently closed and seldom realize when the color is being implanted. With lip color, this is a little more of a delicate area and can be slightly sensitive. I use every precaution to keep my clients comfortable at all times.

2. How much do you charge?

This depends on the nature of your procedure. If you choose to have a subtle eyelash enhancement or soft filled eyebrows, prices are a little less than a medium to thicker eyeliner or hairstroke eyebrow that needs to be created.

You can schedule a free consultation with me so that we can determine which option is best for you.

3. How long will it last?

Permanent makeup is PERMANENT.  Many factors effect the longevity of eyeliner and eyebrows such as sun exposure, amount of oil in your skin, and the shade of color implanted. Some procedures require more frequent touch ups averaging every two years and other procedures can last 3-5 years before a refresher is required. Lip color is different and can last 10 years before a boost in color is needed. Sunscreen is highly recommended to protect your investment. 

4. How much do you charge to refresh the color?

I keep the price of touch ups minimal so you can keep your permanent makeup looking fresh at all times. Prices range from $75-$200 averaging 1-10 years.

5. Why do I need a touch up if this is permanent? 

While color remains in your skin forever, your face is exposed to many things that may cause permanent color to fade over time. To keep the color fresh, touch ups are suggested every few years or when you feel the need to pick up an eyeliner or eyebrow pencil.

6. How can I extend the life of my procedure?

Your beautiful permanent makeup will last longer if you apply sun block daily and avoid abrasive facial treatments in the brow area.

7. How should I prepare before the procedure?

If you have sensitive skin you may take an over the counter pain reliever approximately one hour prior to your procedure. Do not take aspirin (Motrin or Advil) or any other blood thinners, as these promote bleeding. If you are having your eyeliner done, remove contact lenses and eye makeup, and have glasses to wear home if needed.  For lip procedures, you must obtain a prescription medication for cold sores if you have ever had an outbreak. The medicine must be in your system 2 days before the procedure, and continued for 7 days after.

8. How long does the procedure take?

This will vary with the type of work you are having done and your skins sensitivity. Soft eyebrow fills, eyelash enhancements, and lip liner each take an hour and a half. More complicated work such as thick eyeliner, eyebrows with hair strokes, and full lips take about two hours. 

9. Can I resume normal activity, exercising, gardening, etc?

Most normal activities can be resumed right away. Heavy exercise should be avoided for at least a week for best results-any sweat formed on your brows can fade your healing color. Swimming should be on hold for at least a week and outdoor activities such as gardening or golf can be resumed as long as your treatment area remains clean, dry, and out of the sun. For best results do not expose your procedure to any unnecessary wear.

10. Is there going to be any scabbing?

 There will be excess pigment on top of the skin that will come off naturally during healing. Eyebrows may become a little itchy. Do not scratch or pick at pigment as this could affect color retention.

11. Will I be swollen?

Swelling is normal and expected for lip and eyeliner procedures. Ice packs may be used for 10 minutes on, 10 minutes off for the first hour after these procedures to minimize discomfort.

12. I don't want it to look harsh, what should I do?

The SofTap® method is known for it's natural results. Bring a picture of brows, eyes, or lips that you love-magazine cutouts are great! Show or tell me what your goals are for the final result, and I will help you achieve your desired look.

13. Can I get an MRI?

Many people safely have had MRI scans performed after getting SofTap®. Inform your doctor or MRI technician that you have permanent makeup so that they can take the appropriate measures when performing your scan. You can also visit www.MRIsafety.com or www.fda.gov for more information.

14. I put my eyeliner in that flat area inside my eyelashes, close to my eye. Can you implant color here?

No, implanting color in the grey line of your eyes is not suggested. There are many factors that could impose health issues.

15. What is your cancellation policy?

All cancellations must be completed 24 hours in advance.


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