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          This is an hour and a half (90 minute) session. You will discover your body type and how to dress your best. Learn your own unique coloring and what your perfect shades are. Plus what accessories, hemlines, jeans, hairstyles and make up shades will be awesome for you.




Closet Audit

          This is a one hour (60 minute) meeting. This time frame includes a full closet audit, from shoes to belts to your favorite shirts. Understanding what you have to work with and what will never work - wardrobe styling that will best utilize what you already own.

In order to book a closet audit, you must have previously had a consultation appointment.


first hour


/extra hour

Personal Shopping Trip

        This is a three hour (180 minute) minimum meeting. Prior to departure an itinerary and budget will be discussed and formed. This outing is designed to create a positive environment that allows for personal growth and expansion in your fashion sense.  In order to book a personal shopping trip, you must have previously had a consultation appointment.


per hour

3 hour min.


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Group Consultations

          Get your girlfriends together for a fun, informative group session! Party goers will discover much about their unique coloring, body type and more in a comfortable home setting. This is a 2 to 3 hour event for groups of 3-10 people and includes portfolios and swatches for all attendees.



   min. of 3 attendees



   4-7 attendees



   8-10 attendees