Permanent cosmetics is an amazing solution for your everyday beauty challenges!

Permanent cosmetics have been around for many generations, and finally is taking the stage as a widely acclaimed service.
Imagine how much extra time you could save in your daily routine because you don't have to fuss with your eyebrows, eyeliner and re-apply lipstick!
The most common procedures are described below:

Many women struggle with trying to fill in non-existent eyebrows caused from over tweezing or hair loss.  Too much time is spent trying to get them the same shape only to have them smudge or smear off during the day. With permanent cosmetics you can have your eyebrows shaped perfectly with soft, subtle hairstrokes.


Imagine having eyeliner that doesn't run or disappear throughout the day. Your liner will always look perfect and fresh! Whether it's a soft eyelash enhancement or thicker liner- permanent cosmetics can help you consistently look your best. Color choices range from black to many shades of brown and even teal, navy or green.


Achieve luscious lips that don't leave stains behind! A constant concern is application and reapplication of lipstick and lip-liner, let permanent cosmetics solve that issue. If you want to enhance a thin lip or improve an uneven lip line or simply give color to pale lips, I highly recommend this service.