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Ask yourself this, does your closet give you a sense of peace or is it a chaotic mess? Is your closet full of too many clothes and nothing to wear, or maybe you have too little. Does your style give you a feeling of confidence? Or maybe you feel you don’t have any style. If you hesitated at all, today is the day to make a new creation of yourself!

Opening your closet is usually one of the first tasks of the day. Do you find peace or frustration there? Here are just a few ways how I can help.

Benefits of a consultation from New Creations:

- Obtaining a wardrobe that compliments

   and looks great on you, resulting in a

   "put together look"

- A consultation will take the guesswork out

   of what works and what doesn’t

- Saves you money by not buying the wrong

   items, usually on impulse. The right

   wardrobe doesn't need to be expensive to

   look good

- You will have organization in your closet

- Spend less time shopping and knowing exactly what to look for


Dressing your best is not just about looking good but feeling great about yourself.

What Is Christian Image Consulting?

With several services available, New Creations Christian Image Consulting is a service provided to assist you in understanding your body type, your unique coloring and your own sense of happiness and confidence on a daily basis. From color analysis, to explaining what clothes and accessories work best with your body type, this service will make a big impact in how you feel about yourself and how others perceive you.

I believe each one of us is a lovely masterpiece
designed by God, and that He doesn’t make
mistakes! After your session you will have
confidence on how to shop easily and on purpose making great buying purchases, plus learning several tricks and rules about completing that “all together” look! You can book a "one on one" consultation where you will get personal attention for a complete unique makeover or host a style party in your home. You can invite your girlfriends over for a fun night of amazing information where everyone goes home feeling more confident than ever before.

Pricing & Options

Consultation  $175

This is an hour and a half (90-minute) session. You will discover your body type and how to dress your best. Learn your own unique coloring and what your perfect shades are. With over 35 years of experience in hairstyling and over 23 years in makeup, I offer recommendations for hairstyle and makeup colors plus shoe/purse colors, jewelry size and accessories that will look amazing on you.

Closet Audit  $60 First Hour/$25 Extra Hour

This is a one-hour (60-minute) meeting. This time frame includes a full closet audit, which includes purging garments that don’t work for you and making a list of items to purchase. You’ll gain an understanding of what you have to work with and how to pull together items to make an organized closet that you'll be delighted to face each day! In order to book a closet audit, you must have previously had a consultation appointment.

Personal Shopping Trip  $60 Hour (3-Hour Minimum)/$30 Extra Hour

This is a three-hour (180-minute) minimum meeting. Prior to departure an itinerary and budget will be discussed and formed. This outing is designed to create a positive environment that allows for personal growth and expansion in your fashion sense. In order to book a personal shopping trip, you must have previously had a consultation appointment.

Group Consultations $70 Each Attendee (3 Guests)/$65 Each Attendee (4-7 Guests)/$60 Each Attendee (8-10 Guests)

Get your girlfriends together for a fun, informative group session! Everyone will discover their unique coloring, their body type and so much more in a comfortable home setting. You’ll observe with your own eyes how we are all different and how color really affects our look! This is a two to three hour event for groups of 3-10 people and includes portfolios and swatches for all attendees.


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